Poems Published

I have great news.

The Center for the Art of Translation is publishing two translations in Two Lines: World Writing in Translation, its annual anthology of international literature. The Volume is called Counterfeits.  It’s not even listed on their website yet but I have received an early copy as a contributor. The translations are Foot of the Bed and Listen Dearest One, based on Narsinh Mehta’s original poems I’ve discussed on this blog: Palang Paaye, પલંગ પાયે, and Sambhalo Kamini, સાંભલો કામિનિ. They are numbers 5 & 6 in the collection, Narsinh Padmala (1997).

My thanks to C. J. Evans and the Poetry Editor, Rosanna Warren, for giving my work a chance to gain a broader audience.

In a category of asides that might be called Meena’s Ironical Life, it may interest you to know that my very first publication, an English short story, was published in Femina, a women’s magazine in India, in 1966-67, for which I received the amazing check of Rs. 40.00. That froze me instead of encouraging me (don’t ask), and this time, my second publication (not counting academic articles),  has also garnered a check in the same numerical value in dollars! This time there’s nothing for it! I have to go on!

Your active engagement with this blog will really help

my determination to bring

Narsinh’s works and life to the attention of thoughtful readers like YOU!


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word lover, meaning maniac, bilingual with metalingual interests, sometimes potter, poet, playwright, writer, mover to music, always a pontificator.
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