Update on Current Activities

You haven’t seen too much going on here lately. Here’s why in no particular order:

  • too much fun on too many summer travels from ancient cliff-dwellings of western Colorado to pre-historic glaciers of south-eastern Alaska on our west coast
  • too many projects of making: translations, ceramics, randomly-designed crochet cardigans, crisis-inspired dinner dishes, impossible efforts to organize books, clothes, kitchen objects, social life, and the universe
  • too much attention scattered with too much abandon (which is sort of the same as the above item but refers more to the ADHD style of my thinking)

But here are a couple interesting thing to read and consider:

  1. an article on language and speed that I found via my membership in ALTALK the forum for the American Literary Translators Association: http://www.time. com/time/ health/article/ 0,8599,2091477, 00.html
  2. Proof of my ADHD: in the middle of my Narsinh Mehta effort, I am suddenly back to working on my translations of Gujarati Ghazals, not mention an urge to post bits of travelog.

So do I change the name of this blog once again or do I just post and see what happens?


About semiophile2010

word lover, meaning maniac, bilingual with metalingual interests, sometimes potter, poet, playwright, writer, mover to music, always a pontificator.
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