Veni–At Last?

A couple of blogs ago, I prematurely announced the publication of my translations of a pair of Narsinh Mehta poems. You see, upon receiving an advanced copy as a contributor, I became giddy with the heady nectar of success. Turns out the reports of my being published were slightly exaggerated and certainly before their time.

I’ve just received the announcement with the following title and link:

TWO LINES Release Party

From my primary audience, family and good friends, I have received suitable cries of enjoyment and admiration. I even received a word of encouragement from one of the contributors who will be on hand in NYC to read her work. She’s Alyson Waters, an active member of the American Literary Translators Association (ALTA), who often engages in dialog on ALTALK.

Thus, “I have arrived.”  Veni accomplished.

Vidi, Vici will have to wait their turn.

In the meantime, I may revive my own random writings with categories such as “Rant.”

As always, feel free to comment in the Leave a Reply section for a semblance of a salon dialog.


About semiophile2010

word lover, meaning maniac, bilingual with metalingual interests, sometimes potter, poet, playwright, writer, mover to music, always a pontificator.
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